Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Most people have heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Basically it is the practice of making sure your website is properly interpreted by search engines, such as Google, so that when people are searching for your business, or the products you sell, they will be able to find you. Of course earning the prestigious #1 rank and being the first page listed in search results on Google is the ultimate prize.

The Google search engine is always evolving and many of the illegitimate techniques for getting that #1 spot have been eradicated. Why? Well Google wants to make sure that when you search for something you are guaranteed to find an answer on the first page of results and allowing people to “buy” the #1 spot doesn’t always give the end user a good experience. Besides if you want to buy your way onto Google search results the easiest way is via Google Ads (see our Marketing & Online Advertising Services)

The formula to determine your rank on Google is a secret. However, there are a many known factors (>200) which can affect your rank. These include

  • content and keywords, including meta data that is not visible on your site. Content should be frequently updated and original.
  • the number and quality of links to your website. The more other people talk about your website the more relevant you become.
  • social media -how many +1s, likes, tweets, and shares your page has.
  • the performance of your website – not only how fast, but how many errors, broken links etc. are all factored in to your ranking.
  • mobile optimization – more than 25% of web traffic is mobile based, which means if your website is hard to use on mobile you could be losing out on business.

Tower 61 is here to help.

  • Our websites are designed from the ground up to take all of these factors into consideration.
  • If you already have a website we have tools that can look for problems and we can address any shortcomings to improve your online presence.
  • We can optimize your website for mobile allowing you to reach even more potential customers.
  • We can also manage the hosting of your website to get the best performance at the right price.

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