The Founder – Nik Vale

Nik Vale

Nik studied as a Software Engineer and graduated with a masters in 2001. After college he moved to Newport Beach, California and has lived there ever since. He worked for a startup engineering company in Irvine for many years and then he rolled the dice and turned his hobby of sailing into a successful business. Tower 61 marks his return to technology.

“Forged from my diverse passions for technology, design, and sailing there is no project too big or too small. Whether it’s a website, an iPhone app, a new tapered spinnaker halyard, or a boat delivery to Fiji – I’m looking forward to the adventure.”

“Tower 61 is the lifeguard tower in Newport Beach where I have surfed since moving to California. Over the years this surf spot has given me plenty of high and lows, moments of glory, and spectacular wipe outs – I am sure Tower 61- the business – will deliver in a similar fashion.”

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